The DevFactory Offering

DevFactory brings manufacturing principles to large-scale software services, guaranteeing high quality work at half the cost.

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  • Continuous Quality Improvement: Milestones and processes are strictly enforced, while measurement leads to advances that drive quality higher over time.

  • Enforcement: Software best practices are programmatically enforced. For example, our Firewall for Code™ automatically rejects code check-ins that could lower overall code quality.

  • Automation: Difficult and error-prone tasks are automated over time, greatly reducing defects.

  • Specialization: Complex projects are decomposed into numerous, very small micro-steps. Measuring performance after each micro-step ensures high quality on a grander scale.

A+ Quality from aLine™

All DevFactory work is built on a software factory platform called aLine™ — what Henry Ford would have built if he were a "software guy." aLine manages the flow of work in the factory, automates many tasks, performs constant quality control, gathers metrics, and enforces a rigorous process.

  • Half the Price: With aLine, costs are so dramatically reduced that we simply start most new engagements by charging 50% less than apples-to-apples competitive quotes. Yes, 50%.

  • More is Better: Over time, our customers realize even deeper discounts are possible as their volume of work on the aLine increases.

  • Better is Cheaper: No more volume to give? DevFactory's ongoing investment in process improvement and automation often still results in price reductions over time.

Better Results Cost Less

One of the "miracles" of the factory approach is the way quality skyrockets even while costs decline. This is made possible by true adoption of the factory way, as was done by the automotive industry.

  • Pay Upon Approval: Remove risk by paying upon completion of work. Customers pay DevFactory when work is delivered and accepted.

  • Predictable Billing: When work is priced on results and not days of effort, pricing is both simple and highly regular.

  • Accept or Reject: We believe in work quality that is metrics-based and measured objectively, making it easy for our clients to accept or reject work produced.

The DevFactory Guarantee

In the software services world, hard work doesn't always mean good work. And hours spent don't necessarily equate to progress made. That's why when DevFactory threw out the old way of building and maintaining software, we threw out the old Time & Materials style of billing as well. Instead, we offer:

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